Jaye Smooth Served Knee Duty In The Navy

Jaye Smooth Served Knee Duty In The Navy

Episode #541 Jamie Mack missed calls due to being on Do Not Disturb. I can’t even leave my phone at home for one day. I will turn around, even at the risk of being late, to get my phone.

Veteran’s Day came and went and I had no free food. Is it wrong of me to expect more than a free meal? The meal isn’t even a full serving. It is usually a chopped down version of an entree. Jamie Mack thinks that the amount of free things veterans get should depend on your level of commitment. Combat duty is better than regular duty. Killing someone gets more than combat duty. What does Jaye Smooth get for serving knee duty while in the military? His knees were “hurt” his entire 4 years. Is this an instance of Stolen Valor?

American Son was pretty good and Jamie Mack and I finally have an opportunity to agree on a movie. We also both agree that you have to get past the first hour.

Weed is a helluva drug. Smooth almost OD’d on an edible and so did Dion Waiters. TJ from It’s Better This Way Podcast joins us to discuss.

Jaye Smooth Served Knee Duty In The Navy #TNNS541

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