You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Is Not Lucky Enough To Get One Night Stands  #TNNS263

Jaye Smooth Is Not Lucky Enough To Get One Night Stands  #TNNS263

Jaye Smooth Is Not Lucky Enough To Get One Night Stands#TNNS263

Jamie Mack starts the show off upset (and rightfully so) at the backlash he received after the last show. I don’t know how many times I have to tell people that having a different opinion about black matters does not make someone a coon. Black people are lost in the fog of being heard as opposed to being right and so they aren’t even fact checking anymore. Jamie Mack wanted feedback. He got hate. Figures. In any event, we welcome back Mary Jane and new guest BJ. On today’s agenda…What Valentine’s Day means to each sex. Mary Jane gives us a breakdown of the expectations that women have. Oddly enough, Jaye Smooth tells the truth about how he tricks women for their most important holiday.

Next, the guests team up against Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia. Cartoons and comic strips is the theme.

Jaye Smooth brings up being single and dating in Atlanta. Mary Jane has lots to say about this. Her concern is that new style dating requires women to have sex after only a few drinks or dates. There has to be more in it for her to get excited. Meanwhile Jaye Smooth will only give a woman 3 dates before she needs to smash. Do you see where the problem lies? He also hints at his body count and reveals that he sucks at closing one night stands. This is not surprising considering his modus operandi is to wear women down.

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