You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Is Too Hetero For Success #TNNS246

Jaye Smooth Is Too Hetero For Success #TNNS246

Jaye Smooth Is Too Hetero For Success #TNNS246

Jamie Mack found a new business venture. He will take your unused diabetes test strips and resale them in the hood. Just when you thought J Mack was conducting the coon train, he brings it all home and snatches his hood card back.

Baylor The Great joins us for No Nonsense Trivia. Today’s theme is Oshea Jackson. He stays on to discuss how much money actors make. Jaye Smooth pretends that he refuses to accept any questionable roles even if he would have Will Smith’s career afterward. One gay role (Six Degrees of Separation) and Will has become iconic. Jaye Smooth would rather wallow in desperation than to pretend to like dudes for 112 minutes.

Have you ever wondered why you are so racist? I know that we have. Our exercise this week deals with confirmation bias and how our brain quickly categorizes something and then only accepts data that would confirm the first way we feel about that something. Not only that. It repels ideas that do not fit our categorization. Don’t feel bad. This is something that we all do. Now that we know, we just have to get better.

Lastly, we answer Question-The-Nonsense questions....


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