Jaye Smooth Is Too Heavy For Suicide #TNNS399

Episode #399

French Reggy has been people watching recently. But this time it bordered on stalking. He sees an old man and a beautiful young lady together. He couldn't believe that they are involved. So he does what any arrogant young whippersnapper would do, he followed them to see if he could offer the girl some young sex. Of course, she wouldn't. Reggy has nothing to offer this young lady. Maybe, she loves this old dude.

Jaye Smooth brings up suicide and oddly enough, Jamie Mack and I get into an argument about being selfish. Mack thinks that suicide is a deplorable act, I feel like it's their life to take. Before it's over we learn that Jaye Smooth could never hang himself. Not because it takes more courage than he has, it's because no support beam could hold him....


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