Jaye Smooth Is R Kelly To Sexbots #TNNS434

Jaye Smooth Is R Kelly To Sexbots #TNNS434

Episode #434

It has been a while since Jaye Smooth was under fire for his inability to speak. It would seem that French Reggy has been shielding him from abuse. But, then he says mulky and we have no idea what he means. Unfortunately for him, it brings attention back to him for many things. Like how much weight he has gained. We wanna know the tough questions...Like why a male body shaper is on his wish list for xmas...Like why Rose didn't take care of him when he tore his patella. I will say this, Smooth has been referencing his woman with extreme confidence. He will repeat her title on command.

We all turn down the idea of sexing a robot brothel sex worker. French Reggy needs a soul tie and you can't tie with a robot. Kit thinks it is gross. I am not into unsanitary coochie. Jaye Smooth would go but probably get put out for peeing on the bot. It takes a special kind of pervert...


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