You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Is A Cougar Chaser #TNNS108

Jaye Smooth Is A Cougar Chaser #TNNS108

Jamie Mack goes to the psychiatrist
Jaye Smooth sprained his Johnson in a dream
Jared is a pedophile
Age caps

We start the show off talking about Jamie Mack’s recent visit to a psychiatrist. He likes the ability to talk to someone without any judgment. Although he raised a couple of eyebrows, he enjoys the doctor-patient confidentiality.
Next, we have a special Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge. We quiz him on Porno knowledge.
Jaye Smooth had a nightmare that he broke his weenis. So we have to prove to him that you can’t break it.
Next, we talk about Jared and his inability to have sex with adults. But being that our culture defines which ages are acceptable, where do we draw the line?
What are our age caps for younger and older women?
Last we have another segment of Drama From A Follower. A woman wants to sneak and perform a DNA test on her brother’s 1-year-old baby. She doesn't feel like the baby is his and wants to front the baby mamma and embarrass her. Is this an effort to save her brother from many years of child support? Or is this just a woman who doesn't know how to mind her own business?...


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