Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Trust Your Downward Dog #TNNS338

Episode #TNNS338

Jamie Mack thinks that Jaye Smooth is a lot like Donald Trump in the way that he just spews words with reckless abandon. That and the fact that he seldom understands the words he uses. Either way, the crew is back with another Spastic episode.

Jamie Mack is wondering if going to a birthday party empty handed is a douche move. He recently was asked to attend a neighbor's party and showed up with nothing but his friendship. I don't really see a problem with that. At a certain point in life, birthdays are chores anyway.

French Reggy has started a new yoga regimen to ward off stress and help him live a cleaner life. Isn't he a little young to be in search of this already. Nonetheless, it is totally interrupted when he tried to compare yoga to praying. I feel like he asked me to challenge Jaye Smooth on his beliefs about praying. He tries to shut the conversation down because he doesn't trust that my knowledge is good. However, no one can resist a good talk about Jesus's Daddy.



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