You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Have A Speech Impediment #TNNS256

Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Have A Speech Impediment #TNNS256

Jaye Smooth Doesn't Have A Speech Impediment #TNNS256

Friday shows are always more exciting. This one is no different. O Dubb joins us again to tackle the topics of the day. Jamie Mack is upset because he didn't get to speak on his topic for Tuesday's opener. The ADD didn't allow Jaye Smooth or O Dubb to even realize they hijacked it. I noticed but Jamie Mack still needed to let off steam.

Jamie Mack comes to me with a question of morality. He was undercharged at a store recently and did not alert the shopkeeper to the error. He wants to know if this is something he should feel guilty about. The court of Honesty in session all rise for the honorable B Honest. Jaye Smooth also shares a dilemma. Find out who gets a pardon and who gets sent to the gallows.

Next Jaye Smooth and O Dubb duke it out in No Nonsense Trivia. In a quest to find out why Jaye Smooth consistently loses, I took a shot that the issue is that his speech impediment has prevented us from understanding what he meant when he says Jaye Friendly Questions. I just want to let you know that this is the most fun I have had in a while on this show.

We end the show answering questions from the audience.

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