You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Read For Comprehension #TNNS224

Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Read For Comprehension #TNNS224

Jaye Smooth Doesn’t Read For Comprehension #TNNS224

Another wacky day on the No Nonsense Show. Guest, Hooch is back. O Dubb is still filling in for Jaye Smooth in a major way. In fact, he is doing such a good job that Jaye Smooth forces himself to stay awake long enough to FaceTime in.

Before that, I want to discuss one thing we don’t like about ourselves. A common question in the interview process is for the applicant to describe their biggest weaknesses. This is ridiculous but I wanted to bring that premise to the show. O Dubb recognizes his issue but is not willing to change it up. But look, I agree. If we stopped doing or being the things that are bad about us, we may sacrifice the good things as well. Life is about balance.

Next Jamie Mack wants to ask us whether or not we should know about our woman’s previous trauma. Do we need to know that she may have been sexually assaulted before we got together? How could you not know this and have a successful relationship? As my wife and I say, you have to love the crust. And this may not be crust…But it is at least a crumb. We need to know.

In our Question-The-Nonsense segment, Jaye Smooth FaceTimes in and immediately goes in on our guest. I can imagine Jaye Smooth bullying the new kid in school on the first day. Oh yeah, If you listen to the show, you know that he tried this with me on my first day at a new school. Luckily for me and our guest, we are no punks and Jaye Smooth finally settles down…sort of.

Anyway, sit back, relax, and laugh like your girl just told you she was sexually assaulted before you guys met....


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