You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Disappears Forever #TNNS226

Jaye Smooth Disappears Forever #TNNS226

Jaye Smooth Disappears Forever #TNNS226

I start the show off feeling an urge to slap the guy who FaceTime's in. No seriously...Who in the world are you getting your pimp hand strong for? With all of the F**kery in the world, there has to be someone that makes your balls itch. We discuss the person or group of people that make us want to do it. Sensitivity Police beware.

Baylor sends us a topic that is destined to tear this show apart from the inside out. If we had to vote one person off the show...To never be seen or heard from again...Who would it be? We start with a secret ballot. We then get an opportunity to protest everyone's initial pick by campaigning for love. Then we vote again. Find out if our answers change. Find out who gets voted of the show and disappears for life.

Last we answer our Question-The-Nonsense submissions. This is becoming one of our favorite segments....


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