Jaye Smooth Criminal #TNNS355

Episode #355

Jamie Mack causes a disconnect in my moral structure. He wants to know whether we should treat a person based on how they treat us or how they treat others. Oh goodness. This forces me to reconsider a couple of my current relationships. Most people treat me well. But this may not be how they treat others. And what kind of person am I to sit back and watch as other people are treated poorly by my friends or colleagues? Not a good one, I figure. Jamie Mack moves on to frame this topic to be about his feelings about Donald Trump. Earlier in his presidency, Mack felt as though Trump wasn't talking to him or about him. So it didn't matter. Now he is also wondering what type of person that makes him.

Jaye Smooth decides to cancel the rest of the show because his feelings were obviously hurt last week when one of his most trusted Smoothies renounced her membership. Apparently, he does really care for his smoothies and just isn't good at showing them love. Or are we underestimating the power of the smoothie mix?...


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