You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Can’t Tweet Like @p0pson #TNNS130

Jaye Smooth Can’t Tweet Like @p0pson #TNNS130

Jaye Smooth Can’t Tweet Like @p0pson #TNNS130

Jaye Smooth gets overcharged
Tweet Like @p0pson
No more trans bathroom
Split Tail Vs Black Man

Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about his recent visit to Applebees. Simple math confused him and he got overcharged. He still tipped 20% even though he felt like he was falsely advertised to. He feels like black neighborhood restaurants nickel and dime you to the point of not going there anymore.

Jaye Smooth teaches us the difference between a poot and a fart.

I give out a special shout out to Antoine Spann. He had an act of unselfishness and I thought it was worthy of a mention.

I battle Jaye in No Nonsense Trivia.

One of our favorite listeners, @p0pson trended the other day on Twitter. Jaye Smooth intended to give him credit for his ability to troll the internet…except he has no idea what trolling is. So after we explain it to him, he continues on with his awful tribute. He probably picked the worst tweets to read aloud. Sorry, p0pson.

Jamie Mack is mad about Illinois passing legislation to allow a transgendered individual free roam of the women's locker room. Jaye Smooth wants to get legislation that allows him to go into the girls locker room also. Either way, the general consensus is that the matter is not that people are not willing to accept everyone for who they are..The issue is that everyone is pretending like this is not a different thing. This is not a normal everyday case.

We briefly talk about how if the presidential vote were today, it would be between a black man and a woman. Ku Klux Klan members everywhere are shaking in their thigh-high fishing boots.

Why doesn't anyone want Bernie to win?

Last we talk about perspective. Can it always be worse? I am not so sure....


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