Jaundice Eyes And Butter Teeth #TNNS397

Episode #397

Special guest, Jamie Mack joins the show and clears up how he feels about us and the listeners. Jaye Smooth does what he does...Talks about Mack's clothes. Apparently, Mack is not protesting H&M because he thinks that it is a good thing to be the coolest in the jungle.

French Reggy is monitoring his credit these days. He realizes he is young in the credit world. So he wonders if we have begun setting up our kids for creditworthiness. It only makes sense to do this, as one day very soon, they will want to make major purchases. Why not get them ready? Jamie Mack ends up just trying to sell us a car. Or at least warm us up to the idea of buying a car.

Jamie Mack wants to continue on from his premium from a couple of days ago. He made amends with the African guy at his job. We aren't quite sure if fear determined this peace treaty, but Jaye Smooth feels like Mack would have ended up in a sea traveling crate headed for the Ivory Coast.

Before we leave, we have to discuss the color of women's genitals. Do you have a color preference when it comes to genitals?...


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