You are currently viewing Jamie Mack’s Muscle Shirt Is Going Viral #TNNS82 with guest AD

Jamie Mack’s Muscle Shirt Is Going Viral #TNNS82 with guest AD

We start the show off berating Jaye Smooth for being late once again. Jaye Smooth doesn't take it without fighting back. He goes in on Jamie Mack’s Muscle shirt. The saga continues. But we make up for it by bringing back another fatten Jaye up with knowledge. Before we finish the intro we let Jaye know that he can be replaced. Not really. There could never be another Jaye Smooth.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about a picture he found of a woman in a club who’s bowels have released on the dance floor. Jaye wants to know if we were there with her, how would we handle it.

Next, we tackle the viral video of the woman embarrassing her kid on Facebook. The girl posted videos and pictures of herself in lingerie and pretending to be a 19 year old freak. The girl is really 13 and her mom wants everyone to know. How difficult is it to raise a young woman in the social media world?

In the same realm, we also discuss how raising a boy is equally as difficult.

Jamie Mack wants to discuss the possibility that some women wear heels everywhere they go. This phenomenon is not all that unbelievable considering women are just trying to impress men. They are willing to put silicone in their butts. Why would heels be an issue?...


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