You are currently viewing Jamie Mack Will Tell A Death Joke At A Funeral #TNNS280

Jamie Mack Will Tell A Death Joke At A Funeral #TNNS280

Jamie Mack Will Tell A Death Joke At A Funeral #TNNS280

Jaye Smooth finally admits that he handles meat. Over the weekend, he volunteered at our friend’s new BBQ joint. And of course Smooth moved quickly from dishes to meat. Jamie Mack explains that the best way to clean dishes is to put water in the pan and let it sit. Jamie Mack went to the 23rd Annual Cali Picnic here in Atlanta. How is it that I have been here so long and never heard of this? I guess it is just more proof that my city is full of immigrants.

I have a bone to pick with my “friend” Jaye Smooth about putting me on front street. I want to know what the etiquette is when talking behind someone’s back? Is there ever a situation when it is okay to talk behind someone’s back? As the person who hears the back talk, do they have a responsibility to tell the person being talked about?

Jamie Mack wants to talk about the proper place for humor. Does every situation have a funny side? Are you the guy that tells a joke at a funeral?

Jaye Smooth has an indecent proposal from a mother at his daughter’s school. She hasn’t been sexed in a long time and wants a no strings attached relationship. Can the new Jaye Smooth deny his inner whore? Or will he pull his junk out in the hallway while the kids are in the other room?

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