Jamie Mack Runs A Coon Train On Us #TNNS262

Jamie Mack Runs A Coon Train On Us #TNNS262

Jamie Mack Runs A Coon Train On Us #TNNS262

Jamie Mack has been consistent when it comes to making rounds in his coon train. At least once a week these days, the coon train comes 'round. This time he wants to know why black people hate Trump. He is not accepting the run of the mill response. He wants receipts. He plans on teaming up with Trump to run a coon train on us. Turns out me and Jamie Mack almost agree…nah. I can’t like Trump. Even if I don’t know why…I just can’t.

Baylor The Great joins us to battle Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia and also promo his campaign for president.

Technology has become a part of our everyday life. In most cases it is not just a want, it is a need. Today we talk about technology and all of its benefits. I pulled a Jaye Smooth and didn’t really prepare for this topic, but let’s do it anyway. Jamie Mack is not so happy about technology. He feels like it will end us one day. He may actually be right. Artificial intelligence is scary as hell. We dig in a little and have a fun conversation about the end of mankind.

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