Jamie Mack Really Wants His Black Card Back #TNNS409

Episode #409

It's Jaye Smooth's birthday. Did he lose enough to win the bet? Maybe. But he asks for an extension until next week because the grocery store was out of enemas when he went. Nonetheless, we want to wish you a Happy Birthday, Smooth. Here is to another issue-free year.

45 has impressed French Reggy. So much so that he is willing to consider becoming a celebrity overnight for the right price. Not the topic. He actually wanted to talk about Trump being involved in the most heinous presidency ever. Jamie Mack of all people, agrees with him. This left me no choice but to expose the small things that become big things when painted a certain way. Reggy may be borderline. But Jamie Mack is pushing hard to get off the coon train and back into good graces with the blacks....


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