You are currently viewing Jamie Mack Prefers My White Side #TNNS269

Jamie Mack Prefers My White Side #TNNS269

Jamie Mack Prefers My White Side #TNNS269

Jamie Mack is done with black people. Before you protest the show and call BLM, I am just talking about partying. He doesn’t want to party with people of color anymore. In most cases, they are far too concerned about their level of cool to have a good time. White people are not held back by silly inhibitions. They pay to get in. They paid to party. Jaye Smooth is the perfect example. He shows us that every decision he makes is based on whether or not it makes him look gay.

Forgive the morbid nature of this next topic. Jamie Mack wants to know how many friends we have that would help us bury a body. I thought that 100% of my friends would help me. Jaye Smooth let me know that this was not the case. In fact, he is upset that I would include him in the muckery. If I ever have a situation worthy of me needing to bury someone, I would hope that he would help.

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