Jamie Mack Is Not As Lazy As You People #TNNS360

Episode #360
Jamie Mack had a fender bender and is now being sued for damages. No damage other than a scratch but this guy called one of the hurtling attorneys. My people, my people. When will you learn that these companies are not out here to help you. Good luck with that.
Because of this Mack as revoked his own ninja card. No, he isn’t a martial artist. it's a code that won’t get us banned from the podcast apps. He fully recognizes that at one point he seas happy to be a ninja, he has matured and is ready to take the culture with him.
Moving farther, Jamie Mack is not aware that most of the people in his house are almost white. However, he is happy because he is now on a mission to distance himself from ninja culture. He wants to know which race would be best to mix black people with? In his opinion, this will make us better. I may agree with all the Twitter dudes that called him Uncle Ruckus.
In his opinion ninjas are lazy. All ninjas are lazy. The only saving grace is that we can mix the bloodline with a harder working race of people.
He had a pair of ninjas stop by his store and try to scam him. This was all the evidence he needed. It’s over. He is giving his card backhand doesn't want it back. Good riddance.
I want to discuss my people’s inability to let go of conspiracy theories. Twin towers come down and almost twenty years later we are still believing baseless theories. You would think at some point that proof would back up some of these claims. Yet, no new information has been revealed. At some point, we have to put down our tinfoil hats. On this show, we usually call out fake news and people that make claims with no base. However, in this case, my co-hosts will not let it go. Mack gets heated. I’m gonna let you finish…...


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