You are currently viewing Jamie Mack Is New To Black Women #TNNS204

Jamie Mack Is New To Black Women #TNNS204

Jamie Mack Is New To Black Women #TNNS204

Jaye Smooth walks in with his second helping of chocolate for the evening. Seems like his weight loss campaign is on hold. The sugar must also be going to his head because he starts spouting off about one of our listeners again. Me and Jamie Mack have had enough this time. Sooner or later somebody is going to pull up on Jaye Smooth.

Jamie Mack turns the corner and wants to talk about whether or not black people should be required to have sex with at least one other black person in their life. We have a Slack Room member that doesn’t live near many black people and because of that has never had sex with a black woman. Jaye Smooth feels like me being half white means that I need to have sex with a white girl also. He goes into his plan for how I should do it. We also learn that Jamie Mack is new to black women. No wonder his opinions are what they are.

In this week’s “Piss Jaye Off” segment, I piss Jaye Smooth off. I invoked Primerica and he lost it. The topic was whether or not people can truly do anything they put their mind to. If you pick up any self-help book, you would think it was as easy and keeping your legs moving. Jaye Smooth explains how humans are capable of anything in a way that only a smoothie could understand.

Did you know that Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth are the same? Well, they are. Jaye Smooth also gets his topics from the internet. For this episode, Jaye Smooth saw someone being pranked about having a disease. So he wants us to voice how we would react if a close friend dropped the House In Virginia on us. Jamie Mack calls me to the carpet for having suspect information about STDs. Who does he think I am?...


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