Jamie Mack Kissed A Man And His Wife Liked It #TNNS287

Jamie Mack Kissed A Man And His Wife Liked It #TNNS287

Jamie Mack wants us to recognize where technology is leading us. Apparently, there has been a discovery of a roach that produces milk chocked full of vitamins and nutritional value. Like the curious humans that we are, scientists are looking for ways for us to use and benefit from this milk. No thanks. I don’t even drink cow milk anymore.

French Regy is back and confirms that porn is awful for your real sex life. He experienced his first softee and now is ready to take the no porn pledge. Jamie Mack busts in (no pun intended) and lures Regy back to the dark side. He believes that watching but not touching is the key.

Jamie Mack’s wife had a dream about him kissing a man. She woke up in tears. Not crying…She was laughing. Jamie Mack is highly upset by this and wants to discuss how we react to dreams. I have had a dream that pissed me off for an entire day. I remember calling my wife and letting her know how upset I was about something she did in my dream.

In today’s high work for high output process of success, we are constantly bombarded with self-help gurus telling us that people who aren't successful are guilty of not working hard. Now it is very true that if you don't work hard, chances are you won’t be successful. However, I know plenty of people that have worked their entire life and have little to show for it. I feel like these “gurus” calling some people cowards for not leaving their job to recognize their dreams, is bullying. If you are comfortable with a job, stay there. Don’t let them challenge your man or womanhood.

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