You are currently viewing Jamie Mack And Jaye Smooth Can’t Be Friends #TNNS281

Jamie Mack And Jaye Smooth Can’t Be Friends #TNNS281

Jamie Mack And Jaye Smooth Can’t Be Friends #TNNS281

Jamie Mack believes that everything happens for a reason. He figures that divine intervention brought him and Jaye Smooth together so that he could understand why the government is working to give all of us ADHD. From this experience, he is more comfortable with his inability to communicate. It isn’t his fault. We are going blame it on the government. Speaking of ADHD, we somehow parlay that into a discussion about Kendrick Lamar and his place among the rap heavyweights. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth’s partnership in hating me is strained. This shouldn’t take much longer to dissolve.

Jaye Smooth is afraid of heights and roller coasters. He has no problem letting his little daughter seeing the b%$% in him. His daughter throws her hands up and enjoys the ride. Jaye Smooth closes his eyes, grits his teeth, and worries. Me and Jamie Mack don’t really like rides anymore, but we aren’t afraid (more separation between Mack and Smooth). I can’t do any spinny rides anymore. My water balance has changed as an adult or something.

My ultimate goal for this show is to break up the recently formed partnership between the J’s. Question the Nonsense is the perfect place to set my plan into motion.

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