Jamie Mack Doesn’t Trust The Great Scholars Of Haiti #TNNS361

Episode #361
There is no honor amongst criminals. My co-hosts all would drop a dime to get a short sentence. However, only French Reggy lives his life based on a Young Jeezy line. To be young. To be dumb. Mack gives us a little more insight into his darker past.He used to be a dog on a chain or something like that.
Meanwhile in Haiti, Can’t Touch This just hit the airwaves and is number one with a bullet. French Reggy claims that they get technology and culture as fast as we get it. Nah, son. I did just watch a documentary about Haiti that affirms Reggy’s claim that America subsidizes products we send them and crush their economy. French Reggy hopes to help the economy by hiring Haitian teachers for his school. Jamie Mack wants to veto that. He doesn’t have faith in the scholars of Haiti. Reggy finally has enough and sticks up for his birth country.
Jamie Mack wants to know which body part is our favorite. French Reggy gets confused as to whether we are talking about men or women parts. He digs himself deeper into The suspect spot Jaye Smooth used to fill. Long story short, he likes pecs. Jamie Mack likes backs. he doesn’t care what kind of back. He even likes spina bifida backs. He will just use it as a handle....


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