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Jamie Mack Can’t Go To Sleep With The Lights Off #TNNS81

Mack starts the show off talking about rude people in cars. Everyone moves around the city like they are entitled to perfect traffic, no hassles, and the least resistance possible. When a pedestrian is crossing the street, please let them walk at a normal pace without honking and raging. My personal opinion is to allow the person who is working harder to have the right of way.

Next, we discuss gun rights. How do you feel about regulations and oversight on gun ownership? Is it against my rights to want a person who is applying for a concealed license to be forced to pass a psych eval? Is it against the gun holder’s rights? All I know is that there are people I know that I don't think should have a gun.

Jamie mack wants to talk about superstitions. From black cats to ghosts, we discuss it all. It is amazing what grown men believe in. In the end, it is obvious that Jamie Mack is afraid of the dark.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about adult slumber parties. He has a list of dos and donts for this type of party. Jaye Smooth allows a Freudian Slip about a guy giving him a cock ring; picking up strippers tips and re-tipping them with their own money, and cheating girls for beads at Mardi Gras after they expose themselves....


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