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It’s Worth Hurting Me To Hurt You

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It's Worth Hurting Me To Hurt You

The No Nonsense Show Episode #672

Jamie Mack thought he found the perfect doctor that tested for prostate cancer through blood. Well, that guy was on vacation for his recent check-up. He figured this out as the nurse was carting in the gallon sized lube container. The nurse asked him to kindly roll his sleeve down and then roll his drawers down so she could get him lubed up for the doctor. Begrudgingly, Mack begins the process of placing his forearms and tummy on the exam table. The opposite of anxious, Mack waits for the doc with pants drooped down to his ankles. The doc comes in and without warning rams his finger home. As quickly as it starts, it ends. The doc says something flippant like “clean yourself up” as he exits the room. No conversation? No small talk? Just straight to ramming? And quickly, at that. Mack was not pleased. This was far too fast for the build-up. Mack thought to himself, “what is my $350 copay for?”

My wife has single friends…but should she? And what happens when those single friends overstep their boundaries? Shouldn’t it be the job of the wife to check them? Husbands of the world untie with me and let’s get these single friends the hell up out of here.

I love it when the reckless side of Mack comes out. This episode is one of those times. He has always stayed consistent with his sentiment “if it’s eff me, then it is damn sure eff you”. I just can’t imagine putting my all into something for an incredibly long time and then burning it down because she was stupid. I need to be calm and collect my thoughts before acting. Mack wants to hurt them so much that he is willing to hurt himself in the process. Or will he be hurt?

It’s Worth Hurting Me To Hurt You #TNNS672

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