It Can’t Be Easy Being The King #NNS25

It Can’t Be Easy Being The King #NNS25
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What’s happening to all the African-American Coaches in the NBA? Monty Williams got no credit for getting his young and often injured Pelicans team to the playoff this season, and was fired this week. Was this deserved? I discuss.

Deflate-gate is in full bloom and is it going to get even bigger? Should Tom Brady and the Patriots fight this or just take their medicine and move on? I already know the answer…

You can’t imagine what it’s like to be LeBron, don’t judge his journey. I finally realize this and issue formal apology to LeBron and explain why.

The NBA playoffs are so good right now. 4 buzzer beaters in just the last week. I discuss where this playoff ranks and why. I also break down each semifinals series and predict the conference finals.

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