Insecurity Is Underrated #TNNS474

Episode #474

It's Friday in The U.S. Do you know where your French Reggy is? I will give you two hints. There is a lot of smog and they are so bad at basketball that Reggy can help them be better.

Mack wants to know in general if men or women have a tougher job when having sex. 9 times out of 10, men are doing the work. So what, if anything, is the woman responsible for? Clean up duty? I have closed the gap on output with things like wedges and massage tables. Even still, I am sweating, she is rested up.

Mack wound up at a pre swinger party. Well, it wasn't a swinger party...but there was a swing hanging from the ceiling in a common area. While there, the other two couples split off and swapped partners. They weren't having sex, but it is weird to see your woman in a deep convo with someone else's husband.

Mack brought up open relationship etiquette. Can you stuff the open relationship back in the box if you end up having buyer's remorse? Smooth is fine with it. He has figured that he is perfect for open relationships. He is so secure. I feel like we need more insecurity in the world. #NotMyWife


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