In A Man’s Nature

In A Man’s Nature

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
In A Man's Nature

The No Nonsense Show Episode #686

Smooth is not here for another week as he feverishly tries to make up for all the years of disdain for the female gender by overcompensating on love for his daughter. We hod it down without him, but must offer a cautionary tale to all young father’s who still have a chance to right the ship.

French got a new tattoo and following in his mentor’s footsteps, he allows another man to get the same tattoo. Twinsies on the tattsies. He got a Caribbean fertility statue and oddly enough didn’t do it to make his swimmers swim with the speed of the ancestors. He tries to sell us on some story about him and a bear and some wolves that are his sisters. Be on the lookout for a little French running around very soon.

Mack asks us how much we love our spouses. Enough to take sexual tips from one of her previous lovers? Mature men would say one thing. Real men would say another. This leads us into a talk about roles and the nature of men and women. Do men have a nature? Is it okay for a woman to want a man to be something other than what they are? Is evolution saving marriages because men are finally bending to women’s will? Or is it just making the current generation the most soft and “nice” generation of men….ever?

New regulations at work could have you spending a punish penalty if you aren’t vaccinated. No one sees the silliness of this? What are we doing here?

In A Man’s Nature #TNNS686

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