Impressed By The Cuckold #TNNS514

Impressed By The Cuckold #TNNS514

Episode #514 Jaye Smooth is back and he is not happy that we had the viewers last week vote on whether the show was better or worse last week without him. He tried to call in last week, but Jamie Mack needs Smooth to know that he is not needed. How rude!

French Reggy is teetering on the line. He admits to enjoying a cuckold video that ends with the husband cleaning up after the deed is done. Let me paint the picture…Reggy sets up his computer and gets in position. He tries browsing through the home page, but nothing satisfies his advanced tastes. He resorts to the search bar. He types in cuckold and makes sure he only filters in the straight category. However, what happens next will change the perception of his sexuality forever. He is really enjoying a good old interracial cuckold scene. Just as he and the black male actor reach the peak of pleasure, the black guy moves out of the way and the white guy moves in for the treat. Does Reggy stop looking??? Nope.

Whats better than a short black boy? A tall black boy with Hoop Dreams. How dare a regular height black person tell a young tall black man not to strive for the NBA because he can also be a lawyer. Of course he can be a lawyer. But so can a lot of other black boys. I say strive to be special. Everyone cant be special.

Jamie Mack is mad at the narrative that paints the El Paso shooter as more of a white supremacist than as a person with mental illness. He feels like it is far too easy to blame Trump’s rhetoric as the catalyst for all of the hate crime. I am inclined to agree. I think that we need to address the mental illness in these shooters at some point. Jaye Smooth thinks it is just a cry for social media attention. Isn’t that a little mental also?

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