The Most Important Key To Success Is Luck #TNNS319

The Most Important Key To Success Is Luck #TNNS319

Jaye Smooth, Oh Jaye Smooth! Not one, but two of Jaye Smooth’s topics take up about 20 minutes. First, he wants us to give away a time when temptation has gotten the best of us. Are you kidding, my dude? Wait until you hear what he is offering to revel in trade.

Next, he wants to talk about what he saw in his workplace bathroom. A guy holding a sandwich in one hand and something else in the other hand. That’s right, Smooth is man watching again. Did you think he only watched French Reggy?

Today’s workplace is lacking millennial representation. I wanted to give a few encouraging tips to them. Maybe we can get them started down a path of success. Actually, no. That was just a way to get my guys talking. What I really wanted to talk about was how much luck plays a part in all of our success. Many people spend most of their day bragging about how important and hard working they are. They are willing to sell you their formula for umpteen dollars. In the words of the soon to be immortal Jaye Smooth “Boi Staaap”.

French Reggy wants to send us all back to biblical days with another flood. Maybe that will teach these ungrateful humans to live and work together in harmony. Or, is it already too late for us? Perhaps an alien visitation can fix this?

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