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Immaculate Infection

The No Nonsense Show Episode #620

Mack sold some of his Apple stock and is now upset because the shareholders stand to win big once this split happens. I held on to all that I had. Come on Friday!

Jaye Smooth was a boy scout but claims that he didn't learn any knots. He spent so much time in the Den Master's office, I thought he would have learned all of the secrets. Speaking of knots, why is the noose so under appreciated? As far as knots go, it is pretty effective.

Jamie Mack has a "friend" that is married and faithful, yet somehow was able to contract herpes during their closed relationship. We all know of the immaculate conception. Can there be immaculate infection? Or is his "homeboy" lying?

French Reggy was a rapper in his former career. How did we get to year 3 without knowing that he is a published artist? Don't worry, we sample some of his finest work.

Speaking of rappers, French puts on his cape to save Meg. He and Meg share an experience. In the same week we learned of his past career in music and that he was shot in the shoulder. The jury isn't back on this one yet.

Immaculate Infection #TNNS620

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