I’m Only Nice To You Because I Hate You #TNNS309

I'm Only Nice To You Because I Hate You #TNNS309

Jamie Mack loves his new dog more than she loves some people. Not surprising because his new dog is very likable. I'm not sure if he kisses the dog in the mouth (most tropical people don't). But from the sound of his narration, it is possible. Either way, recent news outrage will have you believe that people care more about dogs than people. Did I mention that this puppy is adorable? French Reggy loves dogs too. He has no wounds on his body because of them.

Chivalry is dead. Not because men don't want to treat ladies with tender loving care. It is because women have developed a term called "benevolent sexism". This basically means that even though I do nice things for you, it is really because I think you are below me and couldn't possibly get through life without me holding your door. Welcome to 2017 where double standards are only questioned when women don't benefit from them.

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