I’m Never Talking To Massa #TNNS509

I’m Never Talking To Massa #TNNS509

Episode # 509 Jaye Smooth is back in the gym bright and early. He comes fresh with a 50 cent quote to back it up. Let’s wait to see if he follows through and gets back in shape. Well, a shape besides round. He feels like sleep is bad for you. His remedy is to get as many jobs as you have time for. My philosophy is to just get a good enough job that you don’t need to work multiple jobs.

Jamie Mack tried to question my tech ability in the Slack Room last week. I was appalled by this and had to mention it. I flex my tech muscles by explaining the internet to these Jaye Smooth types. All I ever wanted to be was a SME. And I must walk Jaye Smooth down the green bubble street. He has no idea what we are talking about when we discuss blue bubbles.

My wife wants me to explain my disdain for the current state of black victimhood. Apparently, the world may see me as a person willing to provide the other side with information to support their confirmation bias about black people. In actuality, I don’t consider them at all. I seriously just want us to do better. So whenever I provide criticism, it is for us by us.

I want to bring up the turmoil that the country is going through. What happens if the side you are against wins. And now each of you are standing with your back to a shallow hole already full of bodies. You are up next for the firing squad, and you only have one chance to prove you choose to be an American again. How do you play it?


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