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I’m Monogamous With All My Girlfriends #TNNS188

I’m Monogamous With All My Girlfriends #TNNS188

How do you divorce a woman and still owe her $109,000 dollars a month? No matter how much a man makes, how is this figure necessary for a woman to exist after our divorce? If I get fired for doing a job poorly, I don’t get anything. But you can be a bad wife and still get $109,000 a month? Derrick Fisher is in the news recently for divorcing his wife and still having to pay alimony for this amount. Added to that, he has to pay $15,000 a month in child support. So the kids get less than the bad wife?

What are the rules for monogamy before you get married? Even if you are in a committed relationship, do you really have to be faithful? Are there more than two options (married or single)? Should we add in single but in a committed relationship? Sure, every now and then a special one comes along and makes you want to be faithful. But what are you truly supposed to do until that woman comes along? Lie is what I say to do.

Speaking of lying, what do you do when you think someone is lying but you just can’t prove it? Better yet what do you do when you can prove it but they don’t seem to know that they are lying? Does that make you part of the problem if you don’t confront them about their lie?...


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