I’m Going To Jail Tonight #TNNS506

I'm Going To Jail Tonight #TNNS506

Episode #506

Hooch is back on the show. Long time, no argument. No I am just kidding. Even though Hooch and I argue each time he joins us…It is all in the search for a great discussion.

Jamie Mack has no honor when it comes to being loyal to his home teams. He jumps around depending on which city he lives in. Hooch remembers Jaye Smooth talking cash money in the first half of the Super Bowl party we had. He also remembers him disappearing as the Patriots came back. But at least, he is loyal.

Jamie Mack wants to know if manly women are mad at transexuals. There was a time when a manly woman could still get play from heterosexual men. With the progression of inclusion, men shy away from strong jawed women for fear that they have a surprise. Jaye Smooth will not be tricked. He is terrified of being tricked, though.

Black people are willing to fight women, kids, mothers, daughters, grandmas, etc. They will do this on the world stage. Recently, Disneyland patrons got an eyeful of black excellence. Why is it that we cant hold ourselves accountable? Would a white group of brawlers get the same persecution? How do you reason with a person saying that they are going to jail tonight? If you can’t reason with a person and they are willing to go to jail, what do you do?

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