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Illegally Reviewed Movies: The Equalizer #TNNS42

Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua team up once again to bring you The Equalizer. We review the bootleg.

I remember seeing Denzel Washington playing the bad guy in Training Day. It was amazing seeing an actor who is always the hero and always the good guy, play such a dirtbag. I really enjoyed this. Fast forward to 2014. Antoine Fuqua and Denzel team up again for The Equalizer. I was once again excited. Could they possibly do it once again? Ehhhhhh, Maybe.

Before getting into the movie review we briefly discuss the Sony Email Hack updates. Most of us agree with the President on Sony’s quick shutdown of the movie being a mistake. Once you start bowing, where do you stop?

The movie was nothing like the TV show and never intended to be. Even though the character from the TV show was completely a good guy, I was hoping that they could add a grit and an edge to the character and story that the show never could due to its network affiliation.

Well, the grit and edge were there. The action scenes were really good. The story l left much to be desired. The execution was lackluster. The character density and development was the worst part.

Whereas the update and facelift were most welcomed, the plot and character density didn’t quite match up to the depth of Training Day.

As usual, I am alone in this opinion as the other hosts thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Tune in to hear us duke it out. Movie review guest, Exact, joins us once again as we highlight the key parts of the movie....


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