You are currently viewing I’ll Go To Prison If My Girl Will Mule Me Drugs And Cell Phones #TNNS179

I’ll Go To Prison If My Girl Will Mule Me Drugs And Cell Phones #TNNS179

I’ll Go To Prison If My Girl Will Mule Me Drugs And Cell Phones #TNNS179

Tombstone challenge
Naked or locked up
Rings, Relationships, and Problems

After living pretty much half of our lives (based on the average human life), what do we think will be written on our tombstones? Both of my co-hosts seem to have delusions of grandeur. I am closer to “he did his best”. Maybe that is the pessimist in me. However, Jaye Smooth has dreamed up a colorful rendition of the way Jamie Mack’s body should be handled postmortem.

Next Jamie Mack wants to talk about the new reality tv shows that he watches. I have to give him hell about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood first. But then he gets back to his shows. Naked And Afraid and 6 Months In. He wants to know which we would choose. These are just shows. I try to convince the team that reality shows are not reality, again. It doesn't work. So I end up playing along. Personally, I don’t do well in nature. So I guess I have to do prison. But the only caveat is that I want to have my woman sneak me drugs and cellphones in her orifices.

We also learn that Jaye Smooth will probably be anally raped the first day in.

Last Jaye Smooth wants to talk about “Rings, Relationship, and Problems”. That is exactly how he said it. He was having a conversation with his uncle about whether or not a ring will solve issues that you are having in your relationship? Also how long should a woman wait for a ring? I happen to be in a relationship that was saved by a ring. But no one else agrees that this is possible.

Now don’t get me wrong, ultimatums about how soon a man should give a woman a ring are ridiculous. But in some cases, it may be necessary.

We also talk about women that require three paychecks as a baseline for how much a ring should cost. Be happy if you get a ring with a 1/32 ct diamond....


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