You are currently viewing If You Were Ever A Man Before You Were A Woman, We Can’t Date TNNS#84

If You Were Ever A Man Before You Were A Woman, We Can’t Date TNNS#84

We start the show off discussing a young lady that decided to have corrective surgery to make her a male. What types of implications does this put on her or his life? If this person gets involved with a girl, are they a lesbian or since they are now a male, its this heterosexual? If we flip this around and you have become involved with a woman that used to be a man, what do you do? Is this okay? Jamie Mack crab walks and comedy ensues.

We switch up No Nonsense Trivia a little this episode. Since Jaye Smooth is always quoting self-help seminars, we decide to use well-known sayings as the focus. I start the saying, and Jaye Smooth finishes it.

Next, we discuss adults teaching their kids to lead lives similar to theirs. This is really despicable when the life you are training them to emulate is one of crime or thottness. We watch a video of a mother/daughter team that are willing to do anything on camera. Follow the links below to see for yourself.

Whether or not this is a real video or just two women needing some attention, it doesn't matter. The training that this young woman is getting is not going to help her be a better her.

Lastly, we talk about procuring the services of a streetwalker. Since this is the oldest profession in the world, is it okay to use this service? We discuss our opinions about whether or not we have ever done this and if it is something we would do again. During this discussion, we figure out the value of vagina (a throwback to show #TNNS31). I point out the true real-world value of vagina. You have to hear how much my calculations value the box at....


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