You are currently viewing If You Don’t Swallow, We Aren’t Compatible #TNNS150

If You Don’t Swallow, We Aren’t Compatible #TNNS150

If You Don’t Swallow, We Aren’t Compatible #TNNS150

A life of trial and error
Single and sad
Sexual compatibility

Jamie Mack is considering letting a hood tax guy do his taxes. He saw a sign on the side of the road claiming that he can get over 5,000 dollars back per kid. Who wouldn’t want that much money back? If this works, I am thinking of getting my lady pregnant just to get 40,000 back every year. Mack credits this all to a life he is attempting to lead. A life of trial and error. Can a person truly live a life of taking chances with the idea that even if it turns out poorly, there will be a lesson? I mean you would grow as a person until you stop growing because you are dead. We also learn that Jaye Smooth may be locked up if he doesn’t pay the IRS all of their money.

Next, we discuss the single life and its dangers. Using a portion of an interview from one of the other shows on the network, we discuss this doctors professional opinion about safe sex or lack thereof in the big city. She provides a personal experience that backs up the claims that everyone in Atlanta is burning. What about your city? Good luck with that. Hope you don't end up burning. Time to get a disease free partner and settle down. This also makes me question the possibility of getting a sister wife or two.

Last we talk about sexual compatibility. How important is this in a relationship? Trying to define what the rules and guidelines are is very difficult. Jaye Smooth takes the opportunity to fit rape into the topic…Go Figure. He also considers head from a girl with a cold sore and forcing women to swallow....


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