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If You Aren’t Going To Use Your Welfare, Can I Use It? #TNNS60

Jamie Mack starts off the show criticizing the south. Why in the bible belt does everyone have to pretend about things that may be potentially improper? For instance, liquor stores, are called package stores. He feels like every other region of the US is comfortable calling a duck a duck. But in his short period here in the south, he feels like we fake everything from racism to porn. I dont agree with this. If there is anything we have learned and evolved to in the south, it is upfront racism. We are pros at racism.

In an effort to allow Jaye Smooth to answer more than one No Nonsense Trivia question, Jamie Mack prepared some trivia questions from the Fast & The Furious Franchise. Do you think he will finally win against me?

Where do you stand on welfare rights? Do you think that the welfare system should continue to support people in need, or in an effort to quash the abusers, just force everyone off? Will this force the abusers to get jobs? What about the people with needs and an inability to work a normal job? What about people in places like Detroit where industry packed up and left?

Next Jamie Mack introduces to the conversation, his fear of being surprised by his kids while having sex. He tells of his roots in becoming a stalker. Apparently, this all started with Jamie Mack standing on trash cans and peeping into his mother’s window. He hasn't been right since.

Tune in to find out which position is Jamie Mack’s trigger to shame and embarrassment.

Is walking in on your parents a rite of passage? Equally so, is having your kids walk in on you also a rite of passage?

Jaye Smooth is really upset about guys who take selfies. He apparently walked in on a coworker in the community bathroom taking a picture of himself. Not just offended by the selfie, Jaye also mentions that the guy also has braid extensions. Against Jaye’s normal set of rules, Jaye still used the restroom and proceeded to do something really manly as soon as he got out of the bathroom….Gossiped to his other co-workers.

What do you think about male selfies? What do you think about Braid extensions for men?

Just for the record, Jaye Smooth feels like Braid extensions and Rogaine are equally gay....


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