If So And So Said It… #TNNS499

If So And So Said It... #TNNS499

Episode #499

We have a real big problem with being parrots for the cause. Independent thought becomes an afterthought. What is most important is that we make sure to align ourselves with the moral good…right?

You may ask yourself what am I talking about. Well for instance, The miniseries When They See Us came out and now, people just HAVE to say something about the prosecutor. They have taken to their Twitter, IG, and Facebook to make sure everyone knows that they align with the moral right. “We want her job”! “We want her behind bars”! This woman has lived for decades with no trouble. That travesty of a court case has been public record for the entire time. No one was outraged enough to read about it. Honestly, most people didn’t even see the new Netflix mini-series. They just saw a one minute clip FROM SOMEONE ELSE on IG and now feel like they know the whole story. “Off with her head”. They are just following the outrage of someone with more followers. True, false or otherwise.

The crazy part is, for this lady, I agree. She did awful things to those boys. My concern is the other people who get caught in this storm. Most of the people that get social media cancelled don’t deserve it. That owner of the Golden State Warriors? Did he really deserve a 1 year ban and a 500k fine? You have to be kidding.

But, if so and so said it, it must be a problem.

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