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If My Girl Was A Celebrity, She Could Get Road Sex #TNNS41

In light of Jaye and Jamie’s bet Duke and Jamie Mack make an unofficial bet for basketball. Once a date is set, we will invite everyone out or at least make a video for the website.

Is Kobe a team motivator or a butthole? Do his abilities on the court justify his behavior?

Does being a superstar or ballplayer exempt you from cheating? Can you get “on the road sex” and it just be understood? We turn the tables on this age-old topic and ask a difficult question. What if she was the ballplayer or superstar? Could you deal with the idea that she may be getting road sex? This is a double standard for the ages.

Opinions differ when it comes to such a touchy topic. Most people agree that the money would be good, but that a man's fragile ego may not be stable enough to handle a situation like this one.

Besides that, would anyone be willing to really accept an indecent proposal? If not on million, how much would you accept?

When the woman in your house is on her period is it a fend for yourself time? Do you let your woman off the hook when it comes to her moodiness? Could cramps really be that bad?

One of the hosts has synced up with his woman and now experiences PMS symptoms when his woman is on her cycle. Acne, headaches, and cramps apparently can happen to men also.

Jaye Smooth claimed in the last show that he spent the last 30 or so years chasing women and chilling and that is why he is not as smart as in tune with current events and life as everyone else on the show. Well, apparently he also squeezed in time to learn about tampons, pads, and other feminine care products. He claims that he learned all of this just in case he ever had a daughter.

Jaye Smooth tries to joke Duke but surprisingly gets the tables turned when Duke assures him that he is no easy win. As usual, when Jaye Smooth feels threatened, he places a lifetime ban on the guest.

In the end, Jaye Smooth crumbles and promises to be back on future shows to avenge himself like a Spider-Man villain....


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