If Men Didn’t Initiate Sex, We Would Never Have Sex #TNNS293

If Men Didn’t Initiate Sex, We Would Never Have Sex #TNNS293

Ladies, did you know that most men suffer from a condition called Always-Gotta-Initiate-Itis? This may be because men’s sexual appetite is consistently more insatiable than women’s. And because of that, we are constantly hounding you for some sexual attention. The condition comes into play when the request-for-sex ratio is out of balance. Women will say romantic stuff like “We initiate sex as much as you. It’s about 50/50”. Let me stop you right there. It has never been 50/50. There are about three times that a woman below 40 initiates sex. Drunk, pregnant, and ovulating are our only choices. You can add during your menstrual cycle if you have a blood fetish. As you can see, none of these are particularly desirable experiences for the man. MistyFlu is back with us to take the heat for all womankind.

Next Jamie Mack wants to expose the smartphone industry for starting the technical revolution. He feels that Android and iOS purposely create contradictions in compatibility to further segment us from the truth. Divide and conquer. In his eyes, it is the next step in the robot revolt. I take this opportunity to expose how your apps are hurting you.

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