You are currently viewing If Jaye Smooth Knows Your Business, So Do We #TNNS145 with Mama Mack

If Jaye Smooth Knows Your Business, So Do We #TNNS145 with Mama Mack

If Jaye Smooth Knows Your Business, So Do We #TNNS145 with Mama Mack

Happy New Year!!!! Only a couple of weeks until Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack battle it out in the standup comedy showdown. Jaye Smooth admits his nervousness. We finally learn the true reason why Jaye Smooth chickened out of the boxing match. Just know that it has to do with metrosexuality.

We lightly mull over New Year's Resolutions. Jaye Smooth promises to provide the show with better topics.

Jamie Mack admits to practicing witchcraft for New Year. They write something that they want to leave behind on a piece of paper and then burn the paper in a bonfire.

Next, we discuss whether we would rather be called a N***er or a B***ch. Does it matter who the person is who calls you the name? What weight do we give each of those words? I'm no ones B***ch or N***er.

We learn that Jamie Mack has given up LAHHATL for the Black Ink franchise. If you can guess which reality show he will become addicted to next year, Jaye Smooth will buy you a No Nonsense Show T-Shirt.

Next, we discuss spreading someone else's business. Is there a difference between gossiping and spreading someone's business? Are there any rules for gossiping? Is there ever a time that it is okay to gossip? We learn that Jaye Smooth is going to figure out a way to justify gossiping about you. Never, ever do anything in front of him that you don't want: the homies, his woman, his family, your enemies, pretty much everybody that works on his floor, and the world by way of podcast.

I think there actually are rules and times when it is okay to tell someone else's business.



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