I Want My Daughter To Date A Nerd With A Small Bulge #TNNS168

I Want My Daughter To Date A Nerd With A Small Bulge #TNNS168

I Want My Daughter To Date A Nerd With A Small Bulge #TNNS168

Daughter dating nerds
Why we podcast
Fighting is like riding a bike

Jamie Mack has finally conceded to the idea that his daughter is not going to be lesbian no matter how hard he pushes the idea. He is now waiting to meet the boy his daughter is interested in. His initial idea is to carry the boy out on a long car ride where he will assault him with threats and show him the potential for craziness.

I just want him to understand that he can fight it and hide from it, but it is inevitable. His daughter is going to eventually find herself in some of the same positions that Jamie Mack put her mother in.

Once he accepts this idea, now he just wants his daughter to date nerds with small penises. Jaye Smooth doesn't care what type of dude his daughter gets with. He just wants her to wait until she is 28.

Next I wanted to talk about the reasons why we podcast. I saw a post on Facebook today asking that everyone be sure to celebrate next week as Black Podcast Week. I am not sure if this is recognized outside of the Facebook group I belong to or not. But the idea made me want to share with our listeners why we chose to do this.

Last Jaye Smooth wants to know whether or not we think fighting is like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, can you ever lose it? We also learn that Jamie Mack used to rub his front on other boys backs. He tells us that as a wrestler, it starts to not be weird after a while. We will take your word for it....


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