I trust You 0% Of The Time #TNNS459

Episode #459

Jamie Mack is really upset because he has a green bubble. He can't take how sexy we apple devices users are. I haven't heard a good Apple vs Android argument in a while. But this isn't what we are here for. Let's have some nonsense...and this show was chocked full.

We now have more insight into why Smooth is so anti-marriage. It is because he is trustworthy zero percent of the time. This is his own admission. Yet, somehow he feels like the women in his life are 100% trustworthy. This gap is hat causes the unsettled feeling that lives deep inside his gut. Mack wants to break up marriages. So he wants to know what percent of truth do people deserve in their relationships? Although the rest of us weren't as disparaging as Smooth, our numbers were also low. I give my wife a 90:10 truth to lie ratio. I am sure she tells me lies from time to time. But for the most part, she is honest. How do you feel about this? Does your number change based on married or single?

Caller voicemails and emails are saucy to day as one Slack member shoots their shot at another Slack member. We are well on our way to our first Slack baby.


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