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I Smoke Weed To Be Less Annoyed By You #TNNS126 with guest Kit

No more weed
Plastic surgery for Xmas
HIV scare

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about how his doctor is threatening to cut him off from his ADHD medicine if he doesn't quit smoking weed. He failed a drug test and wants his doctor to understand that it is part of his medicinal ritual. He tries to convince me to smoke so that I can tolerate Kit much better. Not just that, it will allow me to tolerate life more easily.

I take this opportunity to make fun of the people who have taken to the e-cigarette trend. The only people who look more ridiculous are the idiots who wear the Bluetooth headset that wraps around your neck.

Next Kit wants to discuss the plastic surgery for Christmas. Little did we know that one day we would be celebrating the son of God's birthday by filling our bodies with plastic and silicone. I reveal that if I were to get surgery it would be to the tune of a fifteen inch member.

Once again Kit turns down my attempt to bring a sister wife into the house. She apparently does not want to have unlimited card parties and hair braiding sessions.

Last Jamie Mack talks about a news article he saw the other day saying that the south has the most cases of new HIV positive tests. Is this more fear mongering? Or are people really not wearing condoms? I don't think many people are wearing condoms.




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