You are currently viewing I Pooped In My Pants Waiting For A Payday Loan…And Other Embarrassing Moments #TNNS61

I Pooped In My Pants Waiting For A Payday Loan…And Other Embarrassing Moments #TNNS61

Jaye Smooth starts the show off with a moment of empathy. While watching the recent video of the girl getting beaten over what was apparently sitting on a friend’s hamburger, Jaye Smooth admits his guilt.

Jaye Smooth, who states that he is 35-5 all-time infighting. So maybe he is feeling guilty about the punishment he has given all of these victims of his abuse.

Either way, I need everyone to know that although this happened in Atlanta, this is not the normal behavior of our ladies. Big Kev attributes this all to The No Child Left Behind agenda.

Does anybody feel like this attack was warranted? What part of the hood is this okay in? Why didn’t the guy holding the baby say or do anything at all?

Next, Jaye Smooth battles our guest Big Kev in No Nonsense Trivia. Coming off of a tie last episode, Jaye Smooth is smelling himself. Once again, Jamie Mack selects his questions from the Fast And The Furious Franchise. Maybe eventually we can get a win for Jaye Smooth by making the questions, as Jaye phrases it, “Jaye Friendly”.

What is going on with the recent study about women not showering every day? New studies show that women take a shower on average every three days. How do you feel about the person you are with not taking a shower every day? Surprisingly, some of the people on this show don’t wash every day either. Gross!

Jamie Mack comes up with a study that shows that women in Great Britain not only don't shower each day but they also only have anal sex. Being a victim of Mysophobia, Jamie Mack is disgusted.

Next Jamie Mack wants to discuss embarrassing moments. He brings up a dirty little secret from his past. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? If you are brave enough, call the show voicemail and let us know about your most embarrassing moment.

To end the show we debate the purpose and legality of Payday Loans, Title Loans, and Rent to own furniture stores. How in the world is this legal? Why does anybody accept the awful terms?...


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