You are currently viewing I Party With White People For The Free Beer And Weed #TNNS175

I Party With White People For The Free Beer And Weed #TNNS175

I Party With White People For The Free Beer And Weed #TNNS175

White people partying
drawing the line for affection
Addicted to infomercials

Jamie Mack wants to discuss whether it is more fun to party with white people or black people. The answer seems easy to me. Who doesn't want free beer and weed? You are not getting that with black people. Jaye Smooth won’t hang out with black people because cops always break up a group of black people because they are looting. Well loitering if you speak the king’s English. But Jaye Smooth feels like those two things are the same.

Jamie Mack got an eyeful of woman parts during an Uber ride the other day. No panties FTW. Jamie Mack says it was nice because it was shaved. Jaye Smooth thinks that all shaved cat is beautiful.

Random question: Is anyone willing to try Burger King Hot Dogs???

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle it out in No Nonsense Trivia.

Britt Renae calls in to ask us where we draw the line with parent to child affection. Does this differ when the affection is between Godparent and Godchild? I don’t kiss my kids on the mouth, but I do allow my daughters to lay their head on me when I am on the couch. Not sure what type of childhood you guys had, but I think all kids need affection.

Jamie Mack just found out that you have to brush babies teeth and still wash your head even if you have a baldy.

I veer off into a conversation about witnessing one of your friends be a really bad dad. How much do you invest in making this situation better? Can you sit back and watch your friend verbally or physically abuse their kids?

Jaye Smooth caps the show off with another wonderful topic. He wants to know if we have ever bought anything from an infomercial. He apparently is addicted to watches…but only when sold through an infomercial. All I want to know is whether or not Extense makes your thing bigger.



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