You are currently viewing I Need My Kidney Back #TNNS185 with guest, Kit

I Need My Kidney Back #TNNS185 with guest, Kit

I Need My Kidney Back #TNNS185 with guest, Kit

Jamie Mack takes the scenic route to his topic. Eventually, we find out that the topic is about whether or not it is possible to be married to someone that is not your best friend. Before we get there, Mack wants to punish Smooth from having multiple male best friends at his age. Can a person have more than one BEST friend? The dilemma is whether or not Kit is my best friend or if Jaye is my best friend.

We detour to fighting someone whether or not you can win. Kit helps Mack’s argument. But trust me, she doesn't want this.

Anyway, I don't believe you have to be best friends with your significant other. In fact, it is necessary to have different people in your life that provide different things. In some cases, your wife is going to be your best friend. In some cases, your wife is really cool but not worthy of the best friend tag.

Jaye Smooth wants to be serious for a moment. He wants to discuss how you decide between two family members who need a kidney. If you have already been tested and can be a donor for both, how do you decide? Does their personality play a part in who you choose? Does their hierarchy in the family matter?

If I give you my kidney and then my other kidney goes bad, can I get my kidney back? We need to sign that clause into the contract.

Jamie Mack is depressed because the world is no place for real ni**as. Where can a real authentic and genuine person exist in this climate? He wants to talk about if there is any chance for normal people to continue to be regular in the likes of the Kardashians and their subjects.

Are we born 100% or grimy? Do we develop bad habits or nurture good ones? How does this determine our realness in society?...


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